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Movie oriented and exciting first person shooting game.  The gamers will relive the day of the first Bond game that came out for the Nintendo 64 (Golden Eye), but this game upgrades the fun, and buttons even more.  A new Bond, and a new additional exciting game play has been born.

Overall Score 8.0

Gameplay: 9.0
For beginners; Requires instructions booklet to commence.  Remembering the buttons will greatly help the game play and allow gamers to easily travel, and accomplish missions.  These buttons can include the reload.  Obviously bullets need to be reloaded in order to take down your foes.  There is a button for hiding and for runnig.  There is a plus side to one of the reloads.  Automatic reload, great for intense play and especially when there are enemies coming from all over the place.  When bond is clueless to receive directions while in play, kind of like a real mission.  There are electronic Lock picks that gamers will have to use some brain power and speed to open.   The lock picking took many tries and time to figure how to use the electronic lock pick was long.  There were no instructions; very confusing at first to figure out the locking system in the game.  For you gamers who want to start playing;
it’s the same as other games when James Bond goes on a mission.  Blood surrounds the screen if Bond is exterminated.
The player starts off at a check point once eliminated.  Easy for player to get back on seat.

Sound: 10.0
Great surround sound.  Can hear helicopter flying overhead which shows realism.  When Bond takes cover, it’s fun protects from gunshots.

Graphic: 5.0

Graphics requires a powerful computer.  When the game was first installed, the gamers become very excited.  There are pictures to view during installation.  The gaming menus are well made and easy to scroll through.  When entering the first level of game play, a movie is shown.  Then the game begins as bond tries to dodge bullets from enemies.  The game play becomes slow and laggy.  There are 4 levels of difficulty.  The downside: Requires high end computers; thus many people don’t have high end computers.  The game also has chapter select to begin on any level, once levels are completed.  The take down moves are awesome.  It goes into camera movie mode.

Replayability: 9.0

Single player is very fun.  It’s like the player is in a movie. The player feels like Bond.  The game cinematics are carved into the game with gameplay very fine.  Multiplayer is fun as many characters can be picked and try to elimate others in the game.

Reviewed by Den C.


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